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Monterey County

May 1959 - While making rounds on military base, man has unusual encounter, GCBRO

April 1974 (Class A) - Two teenage girls have daytime encounter on Big Sur Coast, BFRO

May 1980 (Class B) - Sisters have indecent near King City, EMBRC

June 1986 (Class A) - Daylight sighting by hikers in Ventana Wilderness, BFRO

April 93/95 (Class A) - Daytime sightings by Forest Service employee near Arroyo Seco, BFRO

July 1998 -  Witnesses see hairy, upright, walking creature struck by cars, GCBRO

August 1998 - Couple hear growling noises while walking along a creek, OB.Com

February 2002 (Class A) - Dusk sighting by hunter on Fort Hunter Liggett, BFRO

May 2002 (Class A) - Women finds tracks in cave, EMBRC

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